Top 5 London Parkour spots

The London Traceur have picked five of the best parkour spots in London, suitable for all abilities, and displayed them in an interactive map, just for you keen traceurs!

Take a look at the interactive map here, and follow us on Twitter to find out when there is a parkour event happening near you soon. If you have any suggestions for more spots that you think are worthy of the map, then tweet us or send us a message on Facebook.

parkour interactive map

Our top spots are as follows:

1) The logs at Regent’s Park


These are great for all levels, and the beautiful surroundings of Regent’s Park are an excellent spot for parkour. The park is great for a warm up, but be warned, this is not a good spot when it is raining as the logs can become lethally slippery and you could risk an injury.

Nearest tube: Bakerloo Line.


2) IMAX Spot


The tunnels and railings around the IMAX Cinema are perfect for traceurs of all levels. The nearby Southbank skate park also offers some great spots, and now that it is allowed to stay open it will prove a great area for parkour in the city.

Nearest tube: Jubilee, Bakerloo and Northern Lines.


3) Pimlico Estate


Believe it or not, but West London has some pretty good parkour areas as well. This estate in pimlico is a great area, and there are some good jumps on offer for those that feel ready for the challenge.

Nearest tube: Victoria line.


4) Nursery Row Park

nursery park

Park’s really are great for parkour (as the name suggests), and this one is the perfect spot for a summer training session. There are opportunities all around, for traceurs of all levels.

Nearest tube: Bakerloo line


5) Heygate Estate, Elephant & Castle


Plenty of jumps and rails in this estate, as well as nearby parks for an essential pre-training warm up.

Nearest tube: Bakerloo and Northern Lines.

Please do not attempt any parkour moves that you have not yet been taught by an official instructor by yourself. London traceurs need to practice safely at all times.

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